In Attendance:

Jon Triance – Blackhawks
Bellefleur – Rockets
Derek May – Cowboys
Mike Health – Plugs
Don Taylor – Vice President
Doug Collins – President


                Ken Mattice - Raiders

1.       Final League Payments

a.       All teams with the exception of the Cowboys have completed full payment.

                                                               i.      Cowboys promise to pay within the next few days. 

2.       Financial Report

a.       Financial projections are good. Depending on the number of Play-off games necessary, with should end close to breakeven on the season

3.       Rosters and Player Eligibility

a.       Final Rosters for 2016-17

                                                               i.      Roster deadline: January 31st (or 7 games remaining – mid February)

                                                             ii.      Maximum 30 skaters

                                                            iii.      Players must play a minimum of 7 games to be eligible for the Playoffs. (Players must be registered to receive credit for games played.)

4.       Playoff format:

a.       Top 3 teams make the Play-offs

b.      4th place plays 5th place in a 2 game best of 3

                                                               i.      4th place is automatically awarded the first win (game is not actually played)

                                                             ii.      5th place must win both remaining games to advance

                                                            iii.      Winner plays 1st place team

c.       1st place plays winner of 4th vs 5th

d.      2nd place plays 3rd place

e.      Standings Tie Breaker:

1) Head to Head

2) Regular season standings

5.       Overtime:

a.        10 minute OT and a shoot out will decide games

b.      3 players shoot – most goals wins

c.       If tied after 3 shooters, 1 more players from each team shoots until tie is broken

d.      Every able player on the bench must shoot before repeating a shooter

6.       Awards Night:

a.       Awards night will be hosted by Don Taylor and be schedule during the semi-finals, hopefully on a night with four teams playing near the same time

b.      Nominees for John Lynch Memorial MVP Trophy must be in by the final game of the regular season.

7.       Next season:

a.       Although the Blackhawks are struggling, it is expected that all teams will return next season. Special efforts will be made by the league to assist the Blackhawks.

b.      Referees:

                                                               i.      More referees are needed

                                                             ii.      There have been too many solos this season.

                                                            iii.      We will revisit the policy of paying a referee double for a solo

                                                           iv.      A reward system will be explored for reliability

8.       Passing the torch:

a.       Nomination of a new League President

                                                               i.      League President will begin a process of delegating duties

                                                             ii.      The position of President will rotate among team reps

                                                            iii.      Doug Collins will remain under a lesser capacity (and perhaps a new title?)

9.       Other business:

a.       No other business

10.   Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm