RIHL Minutes August 28,2017


In attendance:

Derek May – Cowboys
Derek Lacroix – Plugs
Ken Mattice – Raiders
Jon  Triance – Blackhawks
Don Taylor – Vice President
Doug Collins – President


Brad Miller – Rockets


1. Finances

·         With only 5 teams and an increased 32 game schedule the financial loss of $3500 was predicted and close to the expected amount. However, with a surplus in our reserves we are able to manage the loss and in fact it places very close to our desired level of contingency

·         League Fees

o   Two consecutive seasons of financial loss has reduced our reserved down to the desired level. However, with a forecasted loss again it will be necessary to increase league fees unless we find a 6th team

o   League fees were set at $9000 for the coming season. However if we find a  6th team fees will remain at $8500.


2. A Look at the 2016-2017 Season

·         5 teams are committed to return this season.  A $500 deposit from each team is required immediately

o   We are seeking at least one more team

3. Officiating

·         Having two of our three ice times occurring on the same night has significantly eased the scheduling effort of officials. Being able to offer double games has made it easier to find refs on those nights, and it has reduced the number of referees required. On the other hand, it has proven slightly more difficult to fill the single game on Thursdays.

·         We had big problem this year with referees cancelling at the last minute, forcing a number of solo efforts. Steps have been taken to avoid scheduling unreliable officials, but we are running out of referees.  Even our most reliable let us down last season.  It is unclear whether this was an anomaly or a problem.

·         We need to revisit our policy of paying a referee double for solo games as it is potentially creating a disincentive. For the 2017-2018 season referees will be offered $75 to do a solo.  A bonus system will be explored for our more reliable officials.

·         The RIHL’s culture of disrespect toward officials seems to have improved, but we need to keep working on it.  It is just a handful of players causing the problem, but we all contribute to it if we allow it to happen.  Leadership continues to be required in this area so that we can attract the best officials.


4.       New President

·         Doug Collins will be attempting to resign as League President for the third year in a row.

·         Delegating the responsibility of president has proven to be more difficult than actually resigning. Last year an Executive Roster was drawn up outlining job descriptions and titles of position to be filled in order to run this league. (Nearly all positions are currently operated by the league president.) The objective this season is to identify which of these positions should be delegated and which will continue to be managed by the president. A number of members expressed interest in helping out.  Specifically, Don Taylor will become of Director of Communications, Promotions and Recognition. Others will be assigned positions as needed.

·         While the current president is more than willing to help out, it is in the best interest of the league to pass the torch and in doing so, create a procedure for succession.


5.       Statistician

·         The job of the statistician is a vital one for the RIHL, not only to keep our standings and scoring up to date on our website, but for monitoring rosters, penalties and disciplinary action. It is a key function in the quality of our league and as important as any other official.

·         The fee for statistician will be increased to $10 per game but will be asked to take on some additional responsibility that would require also posting the results to the internet and managing the payroll of the officials. This will necessitate some basic accounting and bookkeeping for the RIHL as well as access to the online banking account to make payments to the officials.

·         To assist the statistician in promptly receiving the score sheets, the winning team must forward an electronic copy of the game sheet to our statistician. In a tie, both teams must send a copy.


6.       Application for Underage Players

·   A number of teams hinted that they may wish to add an underage player to their roster.

·   Applications will be accept via email.



7.       Playoffs & Awards Night

·         Continue with the format established last year with the bottom two teams playing for final playoff position with the 4th place team granted the 1st win in the elimination series?

·         The addition of a 6th team will require us to revisit the playoff format.

·         Awards Night was a good improvement last year. It is suggested that we schedule it this year after the first double playoff night.


8.       Rosters and Registration

·         All players must be registered to play.  Unfortunately, the RIHL roster system in need of update and repair.  Regardless, we rely on the honour system when it comes to player registration and eligibility. Please refer to RIHL Rule 2 for maintaining your rosters.

·         It is not unordinary for bottom place teams and teams struggling to ice a team to cheat a bit with rosters.  While there may be sympathy toward such action, it created a major problem last season with the new playoff system. While all efforts will be made to police rosters, it is difficult to stay on top of if a team chooses to or inadvertently plays ineligible players.

                                                               i.      If you feel the alternative to forfeiting a game due to a shortage of players is to dress ineligible players, please have the courtesy to inform the league president and/or the opposing team of your intention to do so. Failing to do so may cause you to forfeit any points won from such game.

                                                             ii.      There will be a statute of limitation imposed on games subject to forfeit. This is not intended to enable cheating, rather to avoid difficult decisions by the president or committee where it will affect league standings.

                                                            iii.      Known violations must be reported promptly.

                                                           iv.      Show some honour.


9.       RIHL Rules

·         RIHL Rule 2 a will be amended to allow up to 35 players on the roster
(a)   Each team will be allowed a maximum of 35 players plus goalies on their roster.

·         RIHL Rule 5 h will be amended to read:

(h)   To be eligible for the play-off games, each player must have played a minimum of 30% scheduled regular season games by the end of the regular season.


10.   Other Business

·         The RIHL season will begin on September 19th with two game on Tuesday nights (8:00pm and 9:30pm) and Thursday nights (9:30pm)

·         The will be no exhibition games this year.

·         A schedule will be issued shortly


11.    Adjournment  

·         Approximately 8:45 pm