February 4, 2018

Attendance:       Emeet Duhra – Plugs
                                Ryan Bellefleur – Rockets
                                Jon Triance – Blackhawks
                                Richard Dietz – Cowboys
                                Ken Mattice – Raiders
                                Don Taylor – Vice President
                                Doug Collins - President


1.       Final League Payments

a.       All teams should have completed full payment by now.

                                                               i.      Some teams have not made final payments and must do so immediately. 


2.       Financial Report

a.       Financial projections are good. Depending on the number of Play-off games necessary (and if all teams pay up), we should end with a modest profit



3.       Rosters and Player Eligibility

a.       Roster deadline: No new players after Feb 1, 2018 (Feb 6, 2018 – Cowboys & Blackhawks)

b.      Maximum 35 skaters

c.       Players must play a minimum of 8 games to be eligible for the Playoffs. (Players must be registered to receive credit for games played.)


4.       Playoff format:

a.       Same format as last season

                                                               i.      Bottom 2 play 2 games best of 3 (4th Place awarded 1st win)

                                                             ii.      1st Place plays winner of bottom

                                                            iii.      2nd Place plays for 3rd place

                                                           iv.      10 minute OT and a shoot out will decide games

                                                             v.      Deciding Final Games: Overtime limited only by available ice time, then shoot-out

                                                           vi.      Shoot out will follow NHL format of 3 rounds then sudden death.


5.       Awards Night:

a.       Awards Night is currently scheduled for March 27th but is subject to obtaining side by side games.

b.      Because too many keeper trophies may have wasted due to players failing to claim them, they will no longer be presented, but may be ordered for those who wish to have them.

c.       Don Taylor has agreed to handle Awards Night


6.       Referees:

a.       The Referee roster has been significantly reduced, but performance has been satisfactory.

b.      Sportsmanship has been very good this season with no major penalties or suspension so far.


7.       Next season:

a.       Do all teams are hoping to return next season, but the Blackhawks are struggling and can offer no guarantees.


8.       Passing the torch:

a.       The League President has given up on resigning. You must fire him now.


9.       Other business:

a.       No other business