Minutes August 27, 2018


August 27, 2018

In attendance:

Jon Triance – Blackhawks
                Derek May – Cowboys
                Ken Mattice – Raiders
                Brad Miller – Rockets
                Blair Nowitsky – Shock N Awe
                Don Taylor – Vice President
                Doug Collins - President


1. A Look at the 2017-2018 Season

·         The RIHL is pleased to welcome the Shock and Awe to the league. All existing teams will be returning, restoring a 6 team league

o   As always, we are seeking additional teams with the illusive goal of an 8 team league

2. Finances

·         League Fees

o   After a better than anticipated fiscal year, our reserves are higher than needed. With the return of 6 teams to help share expenses, a reduction in league fees is in order.

o   League fees will be set at $8000 for the coming season with a 28 game regular season

o   It is understood that lowering the fees will likely result in a financial loss this season. However we have enough equity to absorb a loss and would actually prefer to reduce our reserves toward the mandate of $8000 retained earnings

3. Officiating

·         Having two of our three ice times occurring on the same night has significantly eased the scheduling effort of officials. However, the side effect is a smaller pool of referees due to fewer nights to offer.  This has not been a scheduling problem, but there is a risk of familiarity breeding contempt. However, teams report no issues and are generally happy with the officiating.

·         We have made great strides in improving the RIHL’s perceived culture of disrespect toward officials.  Continued good leadership among key players will help attract the best officials.


4.       New President

·         This seems to be a standing item on the agenda until you finally get sick of Doug Collins or he drops dead.

·         Delegating some of the responsibilities of president will continue to be the objective in preparing for the eventual passing of the torch. We will be seeking help in sharing the responsibilities of running the league.

·         While the current president is more than willing to help out, it is in the best interest of the league to pass the torch and in doing so, create a procedure for succession.



5.       Statistician

·         The statistician is a paid position ($10 per game) and is currently and conveniently carried out by the president’s wife, Karen Perinbam. While she is willing to continue the job, as there is a declared (but not problematic) conflict of interest, the position is put out for tender each season. Please make in known if you or someone you know wishes to assume this responsibility.


6.       Application for Underage Players

·   There are no known underage players requesting entrance. However, it would not be unexpected nor detrimental if the Blackhawks (who are struggling to fill their roster) applied for exemptions.

·   Applications will be considered on individual basis with league parity in the forefront.



7.       Playoffs & Awards Night

·         In the past we established a system with the bottom two teams playing for final playoff position - with the 4th place team granted the 1st win in the elimination series. With 6 teams the format needs to be adjusted.

·         It was agreed that the top 4 teams will make the playoffs for a best of 3 eliminating series.

·         For the first time in many years Awards Night did not occur last year. We wish try to reinstate the event this season by hosting a 3 game night for the final games of the season. If we can get 3 early ice times, Awards Night can follow.



8.       Rosters and Registration

·         All players must be registered to play. Registration must include a roster listing the name, address, phone number, date of birth and optionally an email address.

·         The online RIHL roster system will be updated for this system for convenience, however, we rely on the honour system when it comes to player registration and eligibility. Please refer to RIHL Rule 2 for maintaining your rosters.

·         While efforts will be made to monitor the rosters, if a team chooses to dishonour the system play ineligible players, it is difficult to police. This tends to occur with teams struggling to ice a team.  While there may be sympathy toward this kind of cheating, it can create major problems when approaching playoffs.

                                                               i.      If you feel the alternative to forfeiting a game due to a shortage of players is to dress ineligible players, please have the courtesy to inform the league president and/or the opposing team of your intention to do so. Failing to do so may cause you to forfeit any points won from such game.

                                                             ii.      There will be a statute of limitation imposed on games subject to forfeit. This is not intended to enable cheating, rather to avoid difficult decisions by the president or committee where it will affect league standings.

                                                            iii.      Known violations must be reported promptly.

                                                           iv.      Show some honour.



9.       RIHL Rules

·         There are no new rules proposed at this time. RIHL Rule 10 specifies that rules changes are best made prior to the start of the season.  Please review our current

Rules and consider any necessary changes. (posted at www.rihl.ca)


10.   Other Business

·         No other business


11.    Adjournment  

·         Approximately 8:45 pm