January 28, 2019


In attendance:

Jon Triance – Blackhawks
Brad Miller – Rockets
Ken Mattice – Raiders
Richard Deitz – Cowboys
Adam Basford – Cowboys
Blair Nowitsky – Shock N Awe
Derek Lacroix – Plugs
Don Taylor – Vice President
Doug Collins – President


1.       Final League Payments

a.       Some teams have been quite delinquent with league payments this year, placing the RIHL on shaky financial ground.

                                                               i.      All teams are required to immediately pay league fees in full or risk penalty fines. 


2.       Financial Report

a.       Financial projections are good provided teams pay leagues fees, however, there is a strong indication that that may not happen fully this season.  If more than one team defaults their payment the league will be placed in financial jeopardy.


3.       The Blackhawk Question

a.       The Blackhawks are the longest standing team in the RIHL, but they are in grave danger of folding. This would be a bad thing for the league and we need to do everything possible to prevent it.  However with no wins recorded so far this season it may be getting very difficult for them to maintain interest.

The league agrees to allow the Blackhawks to play any player from within the league, however, it would still cause them to forfeit the game if they are in roster violation.   

b.      The Blackhawks management is doing their best to complete the season, but are coming up short in funds. It is in the league’s best interest to allow the Blackhawks to complete the season, but if they can’t fully meet financial obligations I don’t think we can expect them to continue next season.

The Blackhawks agree to do there best to fulfill their financial obligations but will likely come up short this season.

c.       Since the start of the season they have struggled to get players out and have forfeited 3 games. The penalties attached to forfeit is adding to their obvious financial woes.


The League agrees to indefinitely defer forfeit fees to the Blackhawks in order to allow some financial recovery.


d.      Should the Blackhawks fail to complete the season we need to adjust the playing schedule and perhaps review the playoff format.



4.       Rosters and Player Eligibility

a.       Playoff Rosters will be established by Feb 18th

                                                               i.      RIHL rules specify that roster deadlines should coincide with no new players after the above date.

                                                             ii.      Maximum 35 skaters are permitted on the roster.

                                                            iii.      Players must play a minimum of 8 games to be eligible for the Playoffs.  Teams are reminded that players must be registered to receive credit for games played.


5.       Playoff format:

a.       The top four teams make the playoffs:

                                                               i.      1st place plays 4th place  (Best of 3)

                                                             ii.      2nd place plays 3rd place (Best of 3)

                                                            iii.      1st place team receives preferential scheduling.

                                                           iv.      10 minute OT and a shoot out will decide games

                                                             v.      Deciding Final Games: Overtime limited only by available ice time, then shoot-out.

                                                           vi.      A discussion with the referees prior to the game is in order to ensure availability of time for overtime.

                                                          vii.      Referees will be paid accordingly for overtime.


6.       Awards Night:

a.       Awards night will require a simultaneous early evening games and 4 referees. Availability of ice time and refs will determine Awards Night.

b.      Keeper trophies will be replaced with gift cards


7.       Referees:

a.       It is becoming increasingly difficult to find referees willing to do our games

                                                               i.      Thursdays are the toughest because we only offer a single game

                                                             ii.      Some referees have quit due to verbal abuse


The RIHL is a high calibre league making it difficult to find capable referees. With that understanding, teams are asked to let up a bit on the officials or risk having no officials.


8.       Next season:

a.       The Blackhawks are not expected to return next season.

b.      At least one new team will be needed.


9.       Other business:

a.       The intensity of play and highly competitive nature of the league has led to some injuries.  Teams are asked to play hard, but back off a bit with body contact otherwise we will be forced to ask the referees to tighten up on body contact rules