Meeting - Sept 3, 2003Meeting of the Executive 2003-2004 (Pre season)
Sept 3, 2003

Minutes: (I use that term loosely)

1. The Seventh Team:
A discussion took place regarding the Tilbury Ice sot and the League's ability to sustain a 7 team schedule.  
The Friday Tilbury ice time carried last year was undesirable and expensive.  
It was suggested that an alternating Tuesday ice time at 10:45 was available at a very reasonable cost.  This suggestion received a mixed response.  
While everyone agreed an 8th team would be a solution, it was clear that it was not an option for this season.

By a vote of 5 out of 6 teams present (at the time of the vote the Raiders were not represented) it voted to reduce the League back to six teams.  The Tilbury Ice Slot was canceled and the Clippers were forced to skip the 2003-2004 season.

2. Officiating:
There will be an increase in Officiating Fees this season.  The exact amount is under negotiation.

3. Underage Players:
I motion was put forward to make the RIHL a strictly over 35 year old league.
Much discussion ensued and in was agreed not to change the age rule for this season, but a meeting will be called immediately following this season to discuss options.

No underage players have applied to play in the RIHL this season.

4. Player Registration:
All players must be registered as per RIHL rules.

5. Play-off Schedule:
Four out of six teams will make the Play-offs.

Play-offs will start a week later on March 30th, allowing for Spring Break where no games will be played the week of Mar. 16th.

The question of Overtime and available ice time and officials was not resolved.  An effort will be made to coordinate with Richmond Arenas and the Officials to ensure all play-off games are booked open ended to allow a sudden death decision.  

This topic will be re-visited at the next League Meeting with the intention of declaring a rule to deal with undecided games. (For example, games tied after ice time expires or everyone just decides to go home could be carried forward to the next game.)

6. Financials:
League fees will be set below cost with an effort of reducing the Equity by approximately $1200.

7. Rule Changes and Amendments:
Other than the above mentioned change of 4 of 6 teams making the play-offs and a future rule to decide overtime, there are no new rules at this time.

8, Other Business:
There was no other business.

The meeting was adjourned sometime near 9:30pm (I think)