Meeting of the Executive

March 28th, 2004

8:30pm - Stanley's


Voting members in attendance:

Doug Collins, Cowboys (RIHL President)

Doug Gordon, Skyhawks (RIHL Vice President)

Lorne Gerrard, Raiders

Dennis Stobbe, Eagles

Arriving after Agenda Item 2:

Don Taylor, Blackhawks

Also Present:

Brian Unger, Eagles

Gordon Taylor, Skyhawks


Dave Silk, Ice Cats

1. Play-offs

- Schedule will proceed as outlined on the website, with the possibility of swapping April 8th and April 7th games.

- As per official stats, players must have played 7 game to be eligible to play in the play-offs.

2. Underage Players - Future League Policy

Proposal from Doug Gordon and Tim Hoffman of the Skyhawks to amend a rule change regarding under age players:

"Our team has had many discussions about the underage situation and feel that "Every Team should have to be faced with a minimum age of at least 24 for the year 2004/05 (next year) for the RIHL. This would only apply to current players in the RIHL. We feel that the rule age 30 - 34 & to a maximum of 4 players is fine except that current players currently registered at Jan. 31/04 should be exempt, as long as they are not under 24 years. We suggest the rule would read as follows:

For the year 2004/05 -

- No player under the age of 24 would be approved for the RIHL

- No team would be allowed more than 4 underage players between the age of 24 - 34

- If a team has more than 4 underage players (24- 34) currently registered at January

31/04, they would be allowed to use these players. They would not be allowed to

add any new underage players age 30 - 34 until they have reduced their total

current underage players below the maximum of 4 players.

-Any new player to the RIHL would have to meet the new rule of minimum age of 30 - 34."

This item was approved in principle unanimously by those present, but a motion was put forward to clarify the language before it was written into the officials rules. The intention of the revision is identical, but must be ratified.

A motion to amend RIHL Rule 1.- PLAYER ELIGIBILITY will read as follows:

- No player under the age of 24 (as of December 31st) may play in the 2004-2005 RIHL season.

- All players 24 years and older as of December 31st, 2004, currently registered and playing in the 2003-2004 season will be permitted to continue playing.

- Any new player entering the RIHL must be a minimum of 30 years old by December 31st of the playing season.

- Teams will only be permitted to enter new "under age" players age 30 to 34 (under 35 years old on December 31st) if they have less than 4 players under the age of 35 as of December 31st of the playing season.

3. Awards Banquet

- Date: April 20th, 7:00pm at Stanley's Bar & Grill

- Ticket cost will have a face value of $10, but a limited number of tickets will be issued to all teams and officials free of charge.

- Nominations for John Lynch Memorial Trophy were entered . Final votes are requested by Friday, April 2nd.

4. New Teams for Next Season

- THC Application to play in the RIHL was denied.

5. New Business

- Concerns over the quality of ice were raised. The League President will look into the matter.