Meeting of the Executive

August, 2004

7:30pm - Stanley's


1. Finances:


-Concerns over our Insurance carrier attempting to invoke retro-active rate increases prompted a question of whether we should seek alternative coverage.

-It was approved that we investigate other insurance companies for a fairer price.

Interest Bearing Account:

-Concerns over the lack of interest being generated at our current bank raised the question of whether another financial institute might offer a better return.

-Our current account will remain open, but we will seek other financial options for a portion of our savings.

Awards Night:

-It was agreed that Awards Night was a valued and necessary event, but some of the trophy expense may be reduced by only handing out keeper trophies where requested.

-There was no discussion about ticket price and that will likely be discussed at a later date.

Scorekeeper Bonus:

-It was agreed to continue the policy of issuing a scorekeepers bonus for a job well done.

Web Site:

-It was decided that the RIHL should obtain a domain name for a nominal cost while the monthly hosting cost remains free of charge.


-It was agreed to start the season September 21st, one week later than previous year's.

-No games will be scheduled for Spring Break

-The draft schedule was approved, and will be published and distributed shortly.

League Fees:

-A budget to break even with league fees set at $5600 was approved.

2. Rules and Regulations - Motions to amend or add rules:

RIHL Rule 1:

Current Rule 1a. (as of January 2003):

a. Players must be 35 years of age or older on or before December 31st of the current playing season, expect as follows:

i. A maximum of 4 players per team under age 35 (as of Dec. 31 of the current season) may be allowed under the following conditions:

(1) A maximum of 2 new players under the age of 35 each season per team.

(2) Players under the age of 30 will only be allowed with a majority approval of the League Executive.

ii. All underage players from the 2001-2002 RIHL season are grandfathered into the league regardless of the number of underage players their team holds. Teams with rosters that exceed the maximum of 4 underage players will not be allowed any new underage players.

Motion to amend RIHL Rule 1 a. to read:

"- No player under the age of 24 (as of December 31st) may play in the RIHL.

- All players 24 years and older as of December 31st, 2004, currently registered and playing in the 2003-2004 season will be permitted to continue playing.

- Any new player entering the RIHL must be a minimum of 30 years old by December 31st of the playing season.

- Teams will only be permitted to enter new "under age" players age 30 to 34 (under 35 years old on December 31st) if they have less than 4 players under the age of 35 as of December 31st of the playing season."

Carried unanimously

Motion to add RIHL Rule 1 c. to read:

" Any team playing ineligible players, including players not on their roster following the final deadline, will forfeit that game. If both teams play ineligible players, no points will be awarded."

Carried unanimously

Motion to add RIHL Rule 1 d. to read:

"1. The referee does not have the authority, except under order of the League President, to forfeit a game.

2. If a team protests to the officials, the officials must advise the other team of the complaint and (if it seems prudent) offer the option of voluntarily removing the player(s) from the game.

3. Teams must play the game even under protest. Refusal to play will result in forfeit. Protest must be lodged with the League President to decide if the protest is valid and if any action should be taken."

Carried unanimously

Motion to add RIHL Rule 1 e. to read:

"To be eligible for the RIHL Top Goaltender Award, a goaltender must play a minimum of 60% of the regular season games (15 games in 25 game season)."

Carried unanimously

RIHL Rule 2:

Current rule 2 c. (as of January 2003):

"Each team would be allowed to substitute up to 5 players by canceling a like amount of players from their approved roster. Any new substitute player(s) must be cleared with the President and would automatically be on a five game probation period. Rosters are due January 31st and must be finalized prior to a team's fourth quarter of play in the regular season."

Motion to amend RIHL Rule 2 c to read:

"The final roster deadline is January 31 or when a team has no more than 7 games remaining in the regular season. No new players may be added after the final roster deadline."

Carried unanimously

Motion to add RIHL Rule 2 d to read:

"All RIHL players must be registered and on the roster to play. Registration must included the player's name, address, phone number(s), date of birth, and email address (optional). Players not properly registered after the team's 5th league game of the season will not receive credit for the game(s) played while unregistered. New players after the 5th game will be allowed a 1 game grace period to get registered."

Carried unanimously

RIHL Rule 5:

Motion to add RIHL Rule 5 d. to read:

"- Every effort will be made to decide games with sudden death overtime, if this fails the following method of deciding a series will apply:

- A best of three series will won when a team wins two games or gains 4 points (2 pts for a win, 1 point for a tie).

- In the event a game cannot be decided with overtime, the game will end in a tie and each team is awarded 1 point.

- If the series is tied and cannot be decided after a third game, an additional game(s) will be scheduled.

- Tie games will stand as a last resort, only when all means of overtime have been exhausted.

- There will be no shoot-outs."

Carried unanimously

Motion to add RIHL Rule 5 e. to read:

"The team finishing in 1st place will play in the first play-off game against the 4th place team."

Carried unanimously

RIHL Rule 6:

Current Rule 6a. (As of January 2003):

" C.A.H.R.A. rules will apply to all the play, with the addition of the following: ..."

Motion to ammend RIHL Rule 6a to read:

"C.H.A. (Hockey Canada) rules will apply to all the play, with the addition of the following: ..."

Carried unanimously

RIHL Rule 9:

Motion to add RIHL Rule 9 h. to read:

"A "Game Ejection" call to remove problem players from the game will be considered different than a "Game Misconduct" that carries a suspension. "Game Ejection" penalties carry no additional suspension beyond the game the penalty was issued.

Carried unanimously

3. Rosters and Registration

- All players must be registered. This is a one time process that must include a players name, address, phone number and date of birth. Unregistered players risk being ineligible for play-offs.

- Any team playing players not on their roster following the deadline will forfeit that game.

4. New Business

No new business.