Meeting of the Executive

January 24th, 2005

7:30pm - Stanley's


1. League Fees

All teams are reported fully paid.

2. Rosters and Registration

Deadline for final rosters is January 31st. No new players will be accepted for the 2004-2005 season following that date.

3. Play-off eligibility for injured players:

For discussion: It has been suggested that injured players be exempt from the minimum 7 game requirement.

Decision: Teams may submit a request for exemption for individual players. The League Executive will assess any requests on an individual basis and decide by majority vote if any player may be exempt

4. Automatic Suspension for High Sticking Major?

RIHL Rule 9 states:

b. "All fighting, butt ending, spearing, cross checking (blind side), slashing (intent to injure) and intentional high sticking are five (5) minute Major Penalties."

c. All (5 minute) Major Penalties or game misconduct penalties will assess the player(s) a suspension which would include that game and for the next game that the player(s) are scheduled to play in.

- There is a question as to whether a Major High Sticking penalty should be categorized as such to include an automatic suspension, particularly when the infraction is accidental.

- The intention of this rule seems to be aimed at deterring malicious acts where there is a deliberate act intended to cause physical harm. This is sometimes the case with High Sticking, but not always.

- The Ice Cats currently have two players on deferred suspensions, awaiting a ruling on this matter. (Disciplinary Action: Nov. 21, 04) In order to dismiss the suspensions Rule 9 a needs to be amended by a vote of 100% as per RIHL Rule 10a.

Decision: No motion to change the rule was seconded. RIHL Rule 9 stands as written. The two player suspensions pending a ruling will stand. The will serve their suspension in their next scheduled game.

5. Players names on score sheets

As stated in RIHL Rule 4c, teams must fill out a scoresheet prior to the start of a game. Some teams have delegated this task to the scorekeeper. There is no problem with this, but it must be understood that this is not part of the score keepers job description. If teams have an arrangement with the scorekeeper or another person, no advantage of good nature should be taken and the individual is to be adequately thanked in some manner. However there are some concerns about delegating this responsibility:

- Teams must accept responsibility for the accuracy of the score sheets regardless of who fills them out.

- Honest mistakes do happen, and corrections can be made after the fact, within reason. Corrections will be accepted up to midnight Saturday of the same week that the errors were made. Following that an appeal may be filed to the President and official changes must be approved by the League Executive.

6. One game unregistered, underage players.

Under our current rules, prior to roster deadline, teams are given a one game grace period to play players without registering them. (At the beginning of the season they are given 5 games) While this is not perceived to be a problem at this time, there lies a potential for abuse.

- There have been times when a player played more than one game without registering and then subsequently dropped from the team. There is no way of knowing if this player was underage or not. If a team already had its maximum underage count, they would otherwise be liable to forfeit the game.

Decision: As rosters are about to be finalized already, a rule change would be inconsequential at this time. A motion will be put forward prior to next season to amend the rules making unregistered players ineligible after the period of grace.

7. Players owing money to other teams.

An objection has been raised where a player has left a RIHL team to play for another RIHL team while still owing money to the original team.

- Motion to add an RIHL rule: "If a player owes another RIHL team money, he cannot play within the RIHL for any team until the legitimate debt is paid."

- Before this motion receives a second, I expect some discussion and possible amendment. For example, the key word "legitimate" begs the question of how to establish the fact.

- Also, if the legitimacy is established, it must be done so in a timely fashion so as the player in question does not pay the new team, thereby placing that team in a position of liability.

Decision: This matter has been deferred to a future meeting.

8. Play-off Schedule and Awards Night:

Apr 5 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum Apr 12 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum Apr 19 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum

Apr 6 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum Apr 13 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum Apr 20 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum

Apr 7 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum Apr 14 - 9:30-10:45pm Forum Apr 21- 9:30-10:45pm Forum


- Awards night will be held following the play-offs, tentatively April 21st (barring play-offs series extending to their maximum.)

- "Keeper" trophies for Best Goaltender and Top Scorer will only by provided by request. Individual Team Nomination Awards for the John Lynch Memorial Trophy will be presented individually by their respective teams, at a place of their choosing, prior to Awards Night. Team nominations must be submitted no later than March 1st.

9. Other Business:

It was noted that the RIHL schedule was in err with Spring Break scheduled Mar. 15-17. This will be corrected with games scheduled from Mar 22-24 moved to Mar. 15-17 and no games scheduled for Mar. 22-24.