Meeting of the Executive

August 29, 2006

7:30pm - Stanley's


In attendance:

Doug Collins, President and Ron Fontaine (Cowboys)

Ken Mattice and Lorne Gerrard (Raiders)

Don Taylor (Blackhawks)

Brain Unger (Eagles)

Invited Guests from applying new teams:

Rusty Mason (Guns)

Craig Bolivar (Islanders)

1. League News

- The Ice decided they are unable to compete in our league and have resigned

- The Skyhawks, having failed to attract enough dedicated players have chosen to fold their team. The is a sad loss as this team has been with the RIHL for many years, longer than any other team

- After many years of service, RIHL League Vice-President and former League President, Doug Gordon has resigned. A special thanks goes out for his service, and as an expression of appreciate the RIHL will honour him with a small gift.

2. Nomination of Vice President

- With the resignation of Doug Gordon, Don Taylor is nominated Vice President.

- Responsibilities of the Vice President is primarily to perform the duties of the President when he is unable to attend.

The nomination is seconded and carried unanimously

3. Financial Report

- Although expenses increased last season, an increase in League Fees resulted in a profit.

- There has been a increase in ice time cost for the 2006-07 regular season of about $546.473.

- Recommended 2006-2007 fees: $5800

- Due to an unexpected profit of $2075.86 last season and with a mandate to keep the to approximately $10,000 a motion to rebate existing teams is in order.

Motion: "In order to reduce the League assets to the desired level of approximately $10,000, whereas we currently have $12,194 in the bank, each existing team should be issued a rebate cheque of $500."

Motion is carried and League fee for 2006-2007 are set at $5800

4. Aging the League

The topic of age has long been an issue with the RIHL. While the is a need to supply the league with a continuing body of new and sometimes younger players, there is concern that we are gradually squeezing out older players as they age beyond the level of competition.

-Ron Fontaine, a active player with the Richmond Cowboys and one of the most senior members of the RIHL has requested an opportunity to speak on this matter.

-Ron expressed concern for the aging members of the RIHL and suggested we take steps to cater toward and older age group. This may include raising the mimimum age limit.

A brief discussion concluded that we need to address this, but the question of new teams entering the league this year we could not deal with it at this time. The matter was deferred to a later date.

5. New Teams Needed

- With the departure of The Ice and the Skyhawks, there are two spots available for new teams

- Three teams have applied to join the RIHL. Each have been invited to present their case:

8:00pm The Guns - Rusty Mason

8:15pm The Islanders - Craig Bolivar

8:30pm The Beer Coasters - Kent Goodhew

- Kent Goodhew did not appear, while Mr. Mason and Mr. Bolivar each presented applications to join the RIHL. They were excused with thanks and a brief discussion followed:

-There is concern that the calibre of the Guns hockey club exceeds that of our league, but age-wise they more than qualify. The Islanders roster has 6 players between the age of 30 and 35, 2 more than the RIHL rules permit. One of those players turns 35 in January so it was voted to consider him of majority age. Another player is only 25, younger than allowed. He will not be permitted under this application. The Islanders had agreed to remove him from their roster for the approval of their application.

By unanimous decision the Guns and the Islanders are accepted into the RIHL

While the Guns and Islanders will be playing in the RIHL this season as voted, a suggestion was tabled that we allow the Beer Coasters an extension to issue their application to join the RIHL under the assumption that, if accepted, we would adjust the schedule to accommodate a 7 team league. This would cause each team to miss playing one week, 4 times a year.

It was agreed to set a deadline of September 2, 2006 for the Beer Coaster to issue a draft roster and a deposit of $500 in order that we could consider the case.

6. Replacement of the Play-off trophy

- The RIHL Play-off trophy has gone missing since the 2005 Finals.

- The Raiders, who won the trophy do not know where it is agreed to cover the cost of a new trophy should the old one not turn up.

7. Season Start

- The RIHL regular season will commence on Tuesday September 19th.

- Unlike in previous years, no free pre-season ice has been offered by the arena. When arena Ice Co-ordinator, Will Kump returns on August 30 an inquiry will be made.

8. Second Pre-season Meeting

- Just prior to commencing league play an second pre-season meeting may be in order to welcome new teams, issue schedules and discuss any rule changes.

- Any preferences for game nights should be forwarded before the schedule is created.