Meeting of the Executive

September 18, 2006

8:00pm - Stanley's


In attendance:

Doug Collins, President (Cowboys)

Ken Mattice and Lorne Gerrard (Raiders)

Don Taylor, Vice President (Blackhawks)

Craig Bolivar (Islanders)

Rusty Mason (Guns)

Report from meeting by email:

The Beer Coasters failed to meet the September 2nd deadline to issue a roster and deposit cheque. However after personal correspondence between Kent Goodhew (Beer Coasters) and Doug Collins (RIHL President) the deadline was further extended. By September 10th and cheque and roster had been received.

A vote quickly followed by email with the results deadlocked. Without a majority the application failed. The Beer Coasters deposit will be returned.

1. Welcome to New Teams

- On behalf of the RIHL, the two new teams, the Guns and the Islanders, were welcomed to the RIHL.

- It was explained that with their acceptance, the RIHL reserves the right to review their application following the 2006-2007 season. However, it would be unlikely that their acceptance would be reversed except under extraordinary circumstances. Even if the concern that the Guns are too good was validated by a clean sweep of the league, this would not be the first time this has occurred and not grounds for removal.

2. Rosters

- Standard roster requirements for the RIHL were reviewed, particularly for the new teams, as outlined in RIHL rule 2. (d)

- While RIHL rules only require initial rosters by the 5th week, the insurer, CARHA requires rosters immediately. New teams were asked to issue a 14 player roster for insurance purposes as soon as possible. Existing news do not need to issue new rosters, but should ensure that current 14 player rosters are up to date.

3. Schedule:

The proposed schedule was approved as already posted on our website.

4. News from the Officials:

Veteran official Steve Erickson has been hired by the Coast Hockey League as Player/Official Liason. It is assumed that his duties will carry into the RIHL, but that has yet to be confirmed.

5. RIHL Rules Review:

The following changes to the RIHL Rules were passed unanimously:

- For clarification: Rule 1.(a)ii - All players 26 years and older as of December 31st, 2006, currently registered and playing in the RIHL will be permitted to continue playing.

(Updated from 25 years old)

- Typo correction: Rule 2 (c) - The final roster deadline is January 31 or when a team has no less than 7 games remaining in the regular season. No new players may be added after the final roster deadline.

(Used to read no more than 7 games)

- Amendment: Rule 3.(b) - League fees are due in two equal payments October 15th and November 30th. Failure to pay 50% of the league fees by October 30th will result in a $50 per month fine thereafter. Failure to pay 100% of the league fees by December 31st will result in a $100 per month fine thereafter. Any team not fully paid by January 31 may be subject to immediate suspension.

(Payment due dates moved ahead.)

- Repeal: Rule 4. (c) - The process for filling out rosters prior to the game as outlined has been repealed on the grounds that it was not being complied with, and uninforceable.

- New rule: Rule 4.(c) - c. A RIHL score sheet must be supplied by the home team to be filled out by each team and presented to the scorekeeper prior to commencement of the game. Or, arrangements can be made with the scorekeeper to fill out scoresheet.

(Note: While the process of having the scorekeeper may be acceptable, teams must assume responsibility for an errors made by the scorekeeper. Also, there is no guarantee that the scorekeeper will agree to do this, particularly if Len happens not to be there.)

- Amendment: Rule 5 (e) - The team finishing in 2nd place will play in the first play-off game against the 3rd place team.

(Previously the 1st place team had the disadvantage of the likelihood of a semi-final sweep, resulting in a week off.)

- Clarification: Rule 9 (b) - All fighting, butt ending, spearing, cross checking majors, slashing majors and intentional high sticking are five (5) minute Major Penalties

(In some cases discretionary major penalties may not warrant the automatic suspension incurred by a major penalty. In these cases, and only if both involved teams agree, the suspension an be waived by the president without hearing)

Addition: Rule 6 (a)iv - Two line offside will be in effect

Addition: Rule 2 (e) - A new player to the RIHL will only be permitted to play a total of 3 games on 3 different RIHL teams before registering with one team.

(I think this rule needs further clarification.)

All team are remind of Rule 6. (f) Only appointed, and properly identified, captain (C) or Assistant (A) may enter into any discussion with the league official.

The following rule is more of policy and procedure:

Proposal addition to RIHL Rules:

The RIHL League Executive consists of 6 members, one from each team and are expected to attend all official RIHL League Meetings. (2/3 voting members present required for quorum) Teams may be represented by a maximum of 2 individuals, but will be allowed only one(1) vote per team. Additional representatives may be present, but may not participate in discussions or votes.

The Discipline Committees are made up of the League Executive, less representatives from the teams involved in the offence. Representatives from the involved teams are only required to attend by invitation. Teams may be represented by a maximum of 1 individual, and will be allowed one(1) vote per team. Additional representatives (including executive from the involved teams) may be present, but may not participate in discussions (unless asked to provide evidence).

At the discretion of the League President, some meetings or hearings may be conducted by email. On-line meetings will require 100% for quorum.

Voting members are those listed as part of the RIHL League Executive unless assigned by proxy.

The 2006-2007 RIHL League Executive is as follows:

Doug Collins - President (Cowboys)

Don Taylor - Vice President (Blackhawks)

Alternate: Bob Kohut, Bob, Riddell

Dennis Stobbe (Eagles)

Alternate: Brian Unger

Lorne Gerrard (Raiders)

Alternate (Ken Mattice)

Craig Bolivar (Islanders)