Meeting of the Executive

February 5th, 2007

8:00pm - Stanley's


1. League Fees

- All teams report that they have fully paid League Fees

2. Rosters and Registration

- Final Rosters were submitted with the exception of the Blackhawks who, due to game postponements, have until February 8th.

- Any team playing players not on their roster following the deadline will forfeit that game.

- All players must be registered. This is a one time process that must include a players name, address, phone number and date of birth. Unregistered players risk being ineligible for play-offs.

3. The Eagle Factor

- Because the Eagles were having difficulty recruiting players, they chose to play 3 new under age players. They did so in awareness that the ineligibility of these players would cause them to forfeit any game in which these players played. An application to amend the RIHL rules to allow these players was received along with an indication that the Eagles were planning to play these players regardless of the decision, and were fully prepared to accept all forfeitures.

- RIHL rule 10 a. states:

"Rule changes are only allowed once a year at the first meeting of the team representatives, except under extraordinary circumstances, whereas rule changes or amendments can only take place with 100% approval of all Team Representatives."

- An on-line discussion took place and opinions were sought by telephone. Although a majority was in favour of supporting the application in some form, there was an indication that it would not receive the required 100% approval. Because of this, and because the Eagles were not winning games even with the ineligible players and were intending to continue playing illegally regardless, no official vote was carried out.

- If the Eagle were to lose every game of the season and did not intend on including these underage players in future seasons, an official decision would be inconsequential. However, the Eagles did achieve a tie against the Cowboys on Nov. 29, 2006 while playing these ineligible players.

- Because the application was still under review at that time and a decision should have been made at that point, the Eagles are within there rights to protest the forfeiture and insist on an official vote.

Motion A: "That the Eagles be allowed to play 3 underage players, Josh Vandierman, Jason Vandierman and Jeremy Vandierman only until the end of the 2006-2007 season."

Motion carried: 6 in favour 0 opposed

Motion B: "If Motion A carries with 100% in favour, that the outcome of all games played so far and future games until the end of the season, be allow to stand without forfeiture because of the inclusion of these players."

Motion carried: 6 in favour 0 opposed

4. New Teams

- The future of any league is dependent on new teams joining from time to time. The RIHL has been stable for many years and the has been little concern (or availabilty) for soliciting new teams. This has place us in a vulnerable position.

- We need to more actively pursue qualified teams to join the RIHL and explore any available ice time for the purpose of expansion.

- We need to have a clear indication that all teams are returning each season.

Motion: "All teams will be required to submit a $500 deposit no later than July 31st each year in order to secure there membership in the RIHL. Teams failing to meet this deadline will lose their seniority status and must re-apply to the RIHL along with any new teams.

Motion carried: 6 in favour 0 opposed

5. Officiating and the Accumulated PIM rule

- The number of penalties being called this year is above normal for our league. It is unclear whether or not the officials are being influenced by the "new NHL" and are being over zealous, or if these penalties are deserved. This is only a concern because the RIHL enforces an Accumulated Penalty Minute rule calling for the suspension of players receiving too many penalties. (After 2/3rd of the season we have reached 80% of last year's total.)

- The spirit of this rule was too deter 'chippy' play and to draw attention to potentially problem players. It has worked well to date, but the season may see some undeserved suspensions.

Decision: After a brief discussion, it was determined that this is not a problem among most teams and no action is necessary at this time.

6. Make up Game & Play-off Schedule

- Play will begin March 28th immediately following Spring Break

- Due to power outages, the following make up games are scheduled:

Saturday March 17th - Blackhawks vs Eagles - 9:30pm - Silver * Minoru

Wednesday March 21st - Blackhawks vs Islanders - 9:00pm - Silver * Minoru

7. Awards Night

- Proposed date for the RIHL Awards Night is aimed at March 16th - location TBA

- Teams must nominate a player from their team for the John Lynch Memorial Trophy by March 9th

8. The Future

- A brief discussion regarding the polarization of our league with concern that the Eagles are no longer able to compete, brought no solutions. The matter will be reviewed following the 2006-2007 season

Adjourned at 9:00pm






8. Awards Night