Meeting of the Executive

September 8, 2008


1. Report on League Expansion and Welcome to New Team.

2. Season Review and Financial Report

3. League Fees

4. Preseason Deposit

5. Review of the Proposed Schedule

6. Aging of the League

7. Review of Rules and Proposed Amendments

8. Play-off format

9. New Business

1. Report on League Expansion:

a. The RIHL once again had an opportunity to take advantage of an additional

Wednesday night ice time and a chance to expand from 6 teams to 8. A number of inquiries from new teams wishing to enter were received, but few were qualified. The majority of the applicants were lower division Coast League teams, or not yet assembled groups. Many of the established groups were planning to play in other leagues as well, making the RIHL a second ice time for their players.

Late in the process there were two teams likely qualified and willing to join us. However, by this time the offer for the additional ice time was evaporating. With the new season rapidly approaching other plans for the ice (beyond our control) were being considered. This exposed a great weakness in our expansion opportunities. This new ice time was being offered as a loan and the RIHL would not have complete control over it. It was realized that there was no guarantee that this ice time would be continued to be offered year after year.

With all 6 existing teams promising to return and with this uncertainty of secure ice time, expansion at this late hour was looking like a poor prospect. At about the same time potential new teams were being contacted to inform them of the limitations, the Islanders announced their demise. This opened the door for our now strongest prospect, the Rangers, who will also offer an opportunity for some Islander players to continue to play in the RIHL.

b. We welcome the Rangers to the RIHL and expect them to offer strong competition to the League. The manager of the Rangers, Gord Taylor is very familiar with the RIHL, having played for the Islanders last season. He also took over management for the failing Clippers hockey team a few years back, enabling them to complete the season. We expect the Rangers will be a good addition to the RIHL and an asset to the long term future of the RIHL.

c. We bid farewell to the Islanders and thank them for their contribution to the RIHL while they were here.

2. Season Review and Financial Report

a. The RIHL continues to suffer with a polarization of the teams. The Eagles again finished in last place, without a victory. The Islanders have yet to make the play-offs - likely a factor in their folding. On the other end of the pole, the Guns continue their domination,

finishing in first place with only two losses. The Blackhawks beat them once, but the Raiders seemed to be the only team able to handle them, surprising everyone with a decisive victory in the final game of the play-offs.

The calibre of play in the league appears to be increasing, and indicating that improvement is the order of survival for teams in the RIHL.

b. Despite a shaky leg at the bottom of the league, the financial foundation of the League is sound. The 2007-2008 RIHL season reports a loss of $596.61. This is an acceptable loss and was a foreseeable risk when we agreed last season to set the league fees at $5800, an amount some $200 per team less than the forecasted expenses. The resulting balance leaves the League just over the mandated $10,000 continued Equity.

i. The RIHL holds approximately $5000 annually in a term deposit which generates a very modest return ($187.50 last year)

ii. There is currently a $412.84 amount in Account Payable which is equal to the amount expected to pay for ice time at the beginning of the season, minus the amount actually charged. Upon verification with the Arena, this amount will likely be cancelled, reducing actual ice expenses and effectively reducing the loss. However, this will be not shown only in the current fiscal year but will be reflected in next year's financial statement.

3. League Fees

a. Richmond Arenas has once again announced a 2% increase in the cost of ice time.

b. Officiating charges will remain the same.

c. With no other additional expenses anticipated, total expenses for the 2008-2009 season is forecast near $36,000, or $6000 per team.

Motion: With the inclusion of the $500 initiation fee for new teams, it is moved that the League Fees for the 2008-2009 season be set at $5900 per team (plus $500) for new teams.

Motion Amended: With the inclusion of the $500 initiation fee for new teams, it is moved that the League Fees for the 2008-2009 season be set at $5800 per team (plus $500) for new teams with any losses to be recovered in the following year.

- motion carried.

4. Preseason Deposit

a. At a meeting February 5, 2007, the RIHL decided it would be wise for the RIHL to request a preseason deposit of $500 by the end of July each year. At a meeting earlier this year, because some teams suggested it would create an unfair personal financial hardship, we decided we would forego this requirement. (It might be noted that the Islanders were not at that meeting.)

This lack of financial commitment places the League in a position of vulnerability and with the Islanders dropping out at the last minute, this season it nearly cost us. Teams should factor in this as an extra expense for the current season and charge their players accordingly in order that this money is available to secure the teams and the league for next season.

Motion: It is moved that all teams immediately pay a $500 deposit to ensure their spot on the schedule.

- motion carried

5. Review of the Proposed Schedule

a. A draft schedule of the 2008-2009 season has been issued which reflects preferences of the teams that made prior requests. Additional requests for changes (except for the first week as agreed today) will be considered until September 15th.

6. Aging of the League

a. As noted in the above Season Review and Report on League Expansion, the RIHL is becoming very competitive at the over 35 age level. In order to keep up, some aging teams, may have to recruit younger players. These teams will have to make a choice in the near future. Older players will be squeezed out, or the entire team may be forced to play elsewhere or not at all, unless the RIHL is prepared to accommodate them.

We need to make a decision whether we want to grow old together, or if we wish nature to take its course with eventually all of us stepping aside to make way for the youth. If we choose the former, serious altercations to the rule pertaining to age need to be address immediately.

No motion was forwarded at this time, but a discussion followed. One suggestion was to raise the age requirements for new players while grandfathering in current players that would become underage.

No changes to the age rule are planned for this season, but this discussion, including other suggestions, will continue with a decision to be made before next season

7. Review of Rules and Proposed Amendments

a. It is noted that the RIHL Rules posted on the Internet are not up to date. An updated version is now available. Teams are asked to review the new version, including any new rules added or amended at this meeting, and prior to September 18, 2008, to submit a vote by email to approve or amend the 2008-2009 RIHL Rules.

Motion to Add Rule 2(b)i.: "Any new players appearing on the score sheet after a team's 5th game will automatically be added to their roster. Players may only be removed from the roster by notifying the League Statistician."

- motion carried

Motion to Amend Rule 2(c) to read: "The final roster deadline is January 31st or when a team has no less than 7 games remaining in the regular season. No new players may be added except if the team's current roster is less than 22 players (not including goaltenders)."

- motion carried

Motion to delete Rule 7(g).

- motion carried

Motion to add Rule: In the event of a forfeiture, all players on the current roster of the team awarded the win will be credited with 1 game played.

- motion carried

8. Play-off Format

a. Last season's change in Play-off format to a Round Robin/Medal Round format appeared

to go well. However, there is still some discussion to be heard as to whether or not we wish to continue this format.

(If it is agreed to continue the Round Robin play-off)

Motion to Amend Rule 5(a) to read: "The top four teams will enter a Robin Round Play-off, every team plays each other once (6 games).

- The 1st place finishing team advance to the final game.

- The 2nd and 3rd place teams play in the semi-final.

- The 4th place team is eliminated.

In the likelihood of a tie-breaker, the win will be given to the team who finished highest in the regular season standing.

(and if carried) Motion to Delete Rule 5(d)i, iii, and iv

No decision was made on the play-off fomat, but instead all teams will poll their players to decide if we wish to continue with the Round Robin system or to revert back to the previous (or other) system. A decision will be made after Oct 15th, 2008.

9. New Business

A question was raised regarding the eligibility of under age goaltenders. Current rules allow underage goaltenders during the regular season in the event of emergency.

The Raiders requested exemption to (first name) McIntyre for a portion of games he would be asked to play when their regular goaltender, Lorne Gerrard is unavailable. McIntyre is 29 years old.

Because McIntyre is very close legal age and because he will be serving a part time role, he will be allowed to play. He will be included as one of the Raiders 4 players between age 30 and 35.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm