Meeting of the Executive

August 24, 2009



1. New Teams

2. Season Review and Financial Report

3. 2009-2010 Budget

4. Preseason Deposit

5. Review of Rules and Proposed Amendments

6. Referees

7. New Business

1. New Teams:

With the new season just a few weeks away, the Rangers decided to jump ship, leaving us scrambling to find a new team. Two teams have shown interest in filing that spot - THC and the Molson Stones. At meeting time we had not heard back from THC, but Rene Holt of the Stones was on hand to introduce his team to the RIHL for consideration. The Stones have made a previous application to join the RIHL. We likely would have accepted them at the time, but we did not have the ice time to accommodate them.

The Stones appear to be a good fit fit the RIHL and prepared to enter a team, so their application was accepted, pending a $500 deposit.

2. Season Review and Financial Reporta. The 2009-2009 season was a very competitive season. In order to keep up with ever dominating Guns, teams have been forced to improve and for the most part have do so quite well. Even the Eagles managed to put a few points on the board. The Rangers settled in as a healthy middle of the pack team and would help keep a good balance to the League had they decided to continue. It was the Cowboys that looked a little shaky last season as they really began to show their age. However, they expect a few younger players to sign up this year and could see significant improvement. The Eagles too promise to make some changes to boost their squad. If the Molson Stones adequately replace the Rangers with as a good middle of the road team, the 2009-2010 season could a very tight battle in the standings, particularly for that final play-off spot. Overall the League is looking quite healthy from a competitive point of view, but less so from a financial stand point.

b. With the conclusion of the 2008-2009 season, the RIHL has recorded a loss for third consecutive year. This is not as bad as it sounds. Three years ago we found ourselves with an excessive surplus of funds, so we took deliberate steps to reduce our equity to $10,000. Reduced league fees achieved that within two seasons, but we have now fallen below the desired equity level. This was entirely foreseeable as we chose to minimize league fees with the understanding that we would make up any loses in the next season.

Unfortunately, the losses were greater than expected at $2668. Some of this loss could be predicted to increased ice and officiating costs, but there were a few unexpected increases. Typically Ice time in April is significantly reduced, by it was not the case last season, making play-offs more expensive than usual.

$400 has always been budgeted for statisticians, but it has never been claimed until this season. David Collins was hired for a portion of the season to carry out this task, costing $190.

Also in the statistics department; Every four or five years we need to print new scoresheets. That cost us $213 this year.

Awards cost a little more this year because a couple of trophies aged to the point that new bases had to be added. This cost about $100 extra.

Awards night also cost a little more due to growing attendance. (a good thing)

We also had to renew our domain name and choose to renew for 5 years at a cost of $98.

League meetings also cost more last season for reasons that can't be explained at this time.

All these small expenses have added up to a greater than acceptable loss and will force an increase in League Fees this season.

3. 2009-2010 Budget

a. Richmond Arenas has once again announced a 3% increase in the cost of ice time.

b. Officiating charges are assumed to remain the same.

c. A Statistician will be paid.

d. Trophy costs are expected to be less

e. Awards night will hopefully cost more.

f. The Olympics may cause a reduced season.


Ice Time (assuming a full season of 25 games): $23,619

Play-offs: $ 2,700

Officials $ 8,500

Statistician $ 400

League Meetings $ 150

Awards and Banquet $ 1,000

Insurance $ 2,016

Total Expenses: $38,385

Cost per team: $ 6,400

By anonymous decision, the League Fees were set at $6400 per team

4. Preseason Deposit

a. At a meeting February 5, 2007, the RIHL decided it would be wise for the RIHL to request a preseason deposit of $500 by the end of July each year. This motion has pretty much been ignored.

This lack of financial commitment places the League in a position of vulnerability and with the Islanders dropping out at the last minute, this season it nearly cost us. Teams should factor in this as an extra expense for the current season and charge their players accordingly in order that this money is available to secure the teams and the league for next season.

All teams are required to immediately pay a $500 deposit to ensure their spot on the schedule.

5. Review of Rules and Proposed Amendments

a. The RIHL is only permitted to change rules prior to the start of the new (unless with 100% approval) No new rules have been proposed at this, however teams are asked to review the RIHL Rules as posted at and consider if any changes or additions are necessary.

Please forward any proposed changes prior to September 7, 2009 otherwise the current rules will be in effect for this season.

6. Referees

The long discussed issue of referees continues. While officiating itself may or may not be acceptable, it is duly noted that we pay dearly for referee coordination and may not be getting as good a service as possible. There was some discussion last season about alternatives.

With no suggestions to immediately change the situation, the matters was deferred.

7. New Business

No new business.