Meeting of the Executive

November 29, 2010



  1. Rules and Proposed Amendments
  2. League Fees
  3. New Teams
  4. Officiating Concerns

1. Rules and Proposed Amendments

Discussions and voting via email is potentially an efficient means of avoiding special meetings. However, the process has so far failed.

To successfully achieve effective results electronically requires prompt attention from all team reps. This is not always possible due to schedules and technical limitations, but when it is, certain procedures must be adhered to in order to maintain the integrity of the process.

Here are a few suggested policies:

1. All official responses must to copied to all reps.

2. In order to proceed with a vote a motion must be clearly declared and the statement worded exactly as it will appear in the records or rule book.

3. If you agree only partially or don't understand the motion you should ask for clarification and discussion, or enter a motion to amend.

4. We must vote to accept the amendment before voting on the amendment. If the vote to amend fails we can continue with the original motion.

5. Except where a 100% vote is required, it is possible to pass a motion without receiving all votes, however, due to the failing of the internet it is better to hear from everyone to ensure everyone was part of the discussion.

6. Carried motions can be put into practice immediately, but all email votes should be ratified (or repelled) at the next meeting in person.

Motion to Add New Rule (as passed via email):

RIHL Rule 1.(a)v. "Teams are allowed to register and play no more than 4 different underage players throughout the course of the season."

A question has been raised regarding our existing roster limit of 22 skaters. Do we need to limit rosters prior to final roster deadline?

Regardless of the decision, all active players must be registered.

Decision: Roster limit will be increased to 25 skaters

There is concern that perhaps the automatic 1 game suspension is too severe in some cases.

Decision: If a team feels a players was unjustly handed a misconduct when a simple game ejection would have sufficed, then a complaint should be lodged promptly to the league president. To strengthen the objection, the defendant may seek the support of the opposing team rep. If the league president see grounds for overruling the suspension, he may do so by first seeking the approval of the majority.

2. League Fees

3. New Teams

Action: Promotional material will be prepared by Doug Collins and Ken Mattice will seek to establish contact with qualified teams. Everyone is asked to keep an eye open for new teams.

4. Officiating Concerns

Warren McGrath of Coast Hockey appeared at the meeting representing the officials. A good discussion took place and it was agreed that things were improving on both ends. Abuse has reduced and quality of officiating has improved. However, while it was agreed that quality officials are required to handle RIHL games, some have refused. Efforts will be made to get key officials back to the RIHL, but it will require a continued effort on the part of all players to discipline them selves. A clear communication should be sent out from the president to all players.

7. New Business

Decision: As before, this discussion was tabled until we have new teams onboard to be part of that discussion. The item is deferred to the end of this season and the start of next.