Meeting of the Executive

August 29, 2011

7:30pm - Stanley's


1. Welcome New Teams
2. Financial Report and 2011-2012 budget
3. Monday Night Ice
4. Age Rules
5. Schedule
6. Play-off format
7. League Fees

1. Welcome New Teams

The RIHL welcomes two new teams to the league this season, the Bandits and the Northern Tools. Regrettably we say farewell the Guns, who were unable to attract enough players this season.

The addition of these two new teams changes the face of the RIHL considerable, particularly with Northern Tools, whose average age falls much lower than the rest of the league. We expect the league to be as competitive as usual, with the overall calibre of play increasing even more.

While it is yet to be seen how the teams will stack up, we may find ourselves moving toward a divisional split in order to balance the competition in future seasons.

Clearly the changes will shift the direction of the RIHL from an aging league toward a younger body of players.

2. Financial Report and 2011-2012 budget

With only 5 teams last season, the RIHL suffered a notable fiscal loss. However, with a solid financial foundation established from previous years, we are in reasonably good financial health. However, we can expect a modest increase in league fees to cover anticipated increased expenses.

(See attached report.)

3. Monday Night Ice

It was our hope to be able to expand the RIHL to 8 teams with the addition of a Monday night ice time. This ice time has come by way of the Cowboys, who have long held this ice time as a practice slot.

Unfortunately, it does not look like we are able to get the additional teams required to expand. The Cowboys have also indicated that they are unable to continue to support the Monday ice time, so we are in danger of losing this ice time and the opportunity to expand.

As you know, ice time is very hard to come by, and it would be a shame to lose this slot, and the opportunity to expand. The RIHL should explore every option available in order to keep this ice time for coming seasons.

Proposal: The RIHL will acquire 50% of the Monday night ice time, expanding the schedule to 30 games, with teams playing twice a week 4 or 5 times during the season. The Cowboys will assume responsibility for the other 50% of the ice times in order to retain the time slot.

The cost of the additional ice will increase RIHL League fees proportionally

4. Age Rules

With the acceptance of the two new teams into the RIHL comes a new challenge. The Bandits have requested and age exemption for one of their players who is under 30 years old, and the Northern Tools have issued a roster almost entirely of underage (under 35 years) players.

The Tools have been accepted on a trial basis, which really necessitates a review of the RIHL age rules in order that all teams have a reasonably level playing field (or ice surface, as the case may be).

Decision: No amendment to the current RIHL rules will take place.

The Bandits will be issued an exemption for:

Geoff Mcgowan. 27

The Northern Tools will have exemptions to be shared with 11 players:

Jon Triance 33
Garrett Chu 33
Troy Barrie 27
Stefan Ferris 33
Enzo Nardi 32
Kevin Poulin 33
Andy de Jong 27
Ryan Dyck 33
Steven Joe 27
Brett Drysdale 33
Hans Hageliet 33

The Cowboys requested exemptions also be issued to existing teams, but received no support.

5. Schedule

Christmas falls on a weekend this season, so the actual holidays do not conflict with the schedule. We can still take two weeks off, if preferred, causing our 25 game schedule to take us to the 3rd week of March if we start September 20th. There is also the question of March break, which is no longer consistent across all school districts.

The start of the season depends on how long we what off for Christmas, and how late we want Play-offs to start.

Decision: The regular season will commence on September 20th with two weeks off at Christmas and no March break. A draft schedule will be issued shortly.

6. Play-off Format

It has been suggested that rather than our typical 4 team play-off, that all 6 teams be allowed to play in the play-offs. The current system causes a problem for teams who consistently don't make the play-offs, or for teams finding themselves out of play-off contention well before play-offs. It becomes difficult for these teams to keep their players interested, and has the potential of killing a team altogether.

However, a 4 team system makes the regular season worth more, forcing a greater effort for some teams to make the playoff. To add two teams to the play-offs would also cause the top teams to have a bye, which usually has a negative impact.

We are willing to entertain any option tp improve the current system.

Decision: The RIHL will adopt a new Play-off format where all 6 teams will make the Play-offs. The top 3 teams will get a bye, with the bottom 3 teams entering in a round robin elimination where the winner advance to play the 1st place team in the semi-final.

A tie-breaker system for the round robin is still to be decided.

7. League Fees

RIHL league fees will be established at a base cost of $7100 per team, with additional fees to be added if we elect to take on the additional Monday Night ice times.