In Attendance:

Emeet Duhra – The Plugs
Blair Nowitsky – Shock N Awe
Richard Deitz – Cowboys
Don Taylor – Vice President
Doug Collins – President


Brad Miller - Rockets

1.       Financial Report

a.       Losing the Raiders just prior to the start of the season was a heavy financial hit to the league.  We elected to keep the Thursday ice time in order to reserve it for next season, in hopes of finding new teams. We managed to farm out 6 ice times to a junior team, but otherwise these ice times have sat vacant for the most part. The cost to maintaining this idle ice time is approximately $6768.  Compounding our financial strain, we voted to keep league fees low at $8000 with the expressed intention to reduce our inflated contingency.

Without factoring in Awards Night or other expenses, current projections will result in a record loss of close to $7000. This will place our contingency uncomfortably low. The major problem with this financial position is that currently $6147 is held in a term deposit, potentially placing us in a cash flow crunch.


b.      Some teams have been quite delinquent with league payments this year, placing the RIHL on shaky financial ground.

                                                               i.      All teams are required to immediately pay league fees in full or risk penalty fines. 


2.       Next season:

a.       All teams have made a verbal promise to return next season. Due to our weak financial position, all teams will be urged to be prompt with the required preseason deposit of $500

b.      Obviously new teams are desired for the coming season.  We will not be able to carry the Thursday night ice time vacate for another season.  To lose that ice time would potentially confined us to a 4 team league indefinitely. Either we find another team or two, or we will have to increase league fees and play twice a week in rotation.

c.       Special efforts will be made to find a new team, and “The Strangers” will be approached and invited to an exhibition game.

d.      HockeyCommunity.com was suggested as a resource to seek a new team.


3.       Statistics

a.       The loss of Thursday night games has also effected statistics updates. This was normally the night scoresheets were picked up from Len.  Tuesday is not as convenient, so delivery of scoresheet to the statistician has been slow. 

b.      Hopefully this problem has been solved by the installation of a drop box at the arena.  Scoresheets will now be picked up on Wednesdays, helping to get stats posted promptly as we approach the end of the season.


4.       Rosters and Player Eligibility

a.       To be eligible for Playoffs a player must play a minimum of 7 regular season games, therefore, with just 6 games left, Playoff rosters will be represented by existing rosters as of today. Any new player added will not qualify for Playoffs  

                                                               i.      Maximum 35 skaters are permitted on the roster.

                                                             ii.      Players must play a minimum of 7 games to be eligible for the Playoffs.  Teams are reminded that players must be registered to receive credit for games played.


5.       Playoff format:

a.       The top four teams make the playoffs:

                                                               i.      1st place plays 4th place  (Best of 3)

                                                             ii.      2nd place plays 3rd place (Best of 3)

                                                            iii.      1st place team receives preferential scheduling.

                                                           iv.      10 minute OT (if permitted by iceman) and a shoot out will decide games

                                                             v.      Deciding Final Games: Overtime limited only by available ice time, then shoot-out

b.      Due to the CARHA World Cup being played in Richmond at our usual playoff time, getting ice is a challenge. However, due to early finish of the regular season we should be able to use our contracted ice time, and by utilizing Thursday night and a couple additional spots, we should be able to complete before the tournament,


6.       Awards Night:

a.       Due to our current financial position we are unable to bear the full cost of Awards Night.

b.      We will still have the event at the player’s or team’s expense provided we are able to schedule side by side first round playoff ice times.

c.       Trophies will be provided as usual

d.      Don Taylor has volunteered to MC the event again and take care of trophy needs.


7.       Referees:

a.       While there was some difficulty at the beginning of the season to find referees willing to ref the RIHL, and increase in fees to $50 per game seems to have solved the problem.

                                                               i.      Referees are performing well


8.       Other business:               

a.       There was no further business - Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:45pm