Meeting of the Executive

Feb 13, 2012

7:30pm - Stanley's


1. Rosters and Registration

2. Age Rules

3. Expansion Strategies

4. Play-off format

5. Awards Night

6. New Business

1. Rosters and Registration:

In keeping with RIHL rules, all teams must submit their final team roster when they have 7 games remaining. Last year we made an amendment to allow teams to add players to there roster if they had not reached their 25 player limit.

Any team in violation of the roster rules will forfeit the game in question

Roster Deadlines:

Bandits - Feb 21st

Blackhawks - Feb 22nd

Cowboys - Feb 21st

Raiders - Feb 20th

Stones - Feb 20nd

Tools - Feb 22nd

Last season RIHL Rule 2c. was amended simply to accommodate the now defunct Eagle's who had no hope of making the play-offs and were ignoring the rule just to ice a team.

2 c. The final roster deadline is January 31st or when a team has no less than 7 games remaining in the regular season. No new players may be added except if the team's current roster is less than 25 players (not including goaltenders.

While this rule change may help teams struggling to fill their roster in the final games before play-offs, all players still must have played a minimum of 7 games to be eligible for the play-offs (Rule 5c), so adding a player to your roster after deadline may not help you in the play-offs.

Because all teams make the play-offs this year, perhaps this amendment was unanimously.

RIHL 2 c. now reads: " The final roster deadline is January 31st or when a team has no less than 7 games remaining in the regular season."

2. Age Rules

In allowing the addition of two new teams to the RIHL this season, we intentionally disregarded our age rules for these new teams only. This exception to the rule does not seem to have had any adverse effects. Both new teams, the Bandits and the Northern Tools have fit into the league well and have settled into the middle of the pack.

The question was raised as to whether to extend this same courtesy to potential new teams, or even to existing teams who may be struggling to fill their rosters.

Decision: Each team and situation will be assessed on its own merit in the better interest of the RIHL. Further exemptions will be considered with the objective of keeping the RIHL generally an over 35 league.

3. Expansion Strategies

It is the objective of the RIHL to expand the league to 8 teams in the 2012-1013 season. This expansion will only be possible with the inclusion of the Monday night ice time. The RIHL currently controls only 50% of this ice time, and full control will require negotiation with the Cowboys Hockey Club (primarily the Cowboy II team, who will be seeking their own purposes for this ice time next year)

Recommendation: The RIHL should aggressively seek new teams to secure the needed additional teams in order that we can secure the required ice time in 2012-2013

4. Play-off Format

The RIHL has adopted a new Play-off format for the 2011-12 season where all 6 teams will make the Play-offs. The top 3 teams will get a bye, with the bottom 3 teams entering in a round robin elimination with the winner advancing to play the 1st place team in the semi-final.

A tie-breaker system for the round robin was decided as follows:

First Tie-Breaker: Game between two teams (not used for three team ties)

Second Tie-Breaker: Best Goal Difference

Third Tie Breaker: Least Goals allowed

Fourth Tie-Breaker: Most Goals Scored

Fifth Tie-Breaker: Team Finishing Highest in the Regular Season Standings

Sixth Tie-Breaker: Fewest Penalty Minutes

Schedule Format:

RIHL Playoffs for Teams finishing 4 - 6 place

Game 1 - 4 vs 6

Game 2 - 5 v 6

Game 3 - 4 v 5


Advantage to Team 4 in not playing back to back

Advantage to Teams 4 and 5 facing each other last and knowing tie-breakers.

5. Award Night

a. Cost: Awards Night is an important event for the RIHL and it has been financed by the league in previous seasons. However, with the attendance growing each year, costs are increasing for this event. We are very tight financially this season, and so we may wish to consider passing on a portion of the cost onto the teams and/or players.

Decision: Awards night will continue to be free, but no Burger and Beer will be offered.

b. Date: We have experiment with various dates for this event in the past and have generally found that we receive better attendance before, or not too far into the play-offs. (Teams missing the play-offs tend to disband in the spring.)

Proposed Date for Awards Night: To follow the second game of the Finals, provided we can get a 7:30pm game start.

6. Other Business:

Rene Holt presented some Sponsorship/Publicity ideas for the RIHL including:

- Exposure at the upcoming NHL Oldtimers Hockey Challenge.

- Promotional/Fundraiser opportunity with Busch Hockey sticks (details to be discussed later)

7. Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm