RIHL Meeting of the Executive - August 26, 2013 

The sole topic for discussion was a strategy to keep the RIHL alive with just 4 teams remaining. All four teams have committed to at least one more season with the RIHL regardless of strategy outcome.

A Deposit cheque of $500 was received from the Tools with guarantees from the Cowboys, Blackhawks and Raiders. (Blackhawks have since reported making a direct deposit.)

After discussion, three strategies were put in place, in order of preference:

A.      To further pursue an interlocking schedule with Coast Hockey’s Div 1 and/or Div 2. This option depends on entirely on the cooperation of the management at Coast. Key concerns for Coast will be:

a.       The potential for teams to abandon Coast and join the RIHL.

b.      Determining how to manage their standings and keeping a balanced schedule.

c.       The RIHL an advantage of lower league fees.


B.      Invite up to 6 teams to enter into a revolving schedule with the RIHL where will offer discount* ice time ($400 for 4 games) to participating teams. (see schedule scenarios on next page)

a.       Games will count for points in the RIHL.

b.      Qualifying teams will be invited to join the RIHL next season.

c.       This option will require some thought in scheduling and is dependent of the number of teams participating.  Ideally it will be a 5 teams schedule with a phantom rotating team. 

d.      RIHL teams will play twice a week 4 or 5 times during the season.

e.      We will aim for a 24 game schedule.

f.        8 potential teams have been identified and will be approached with an offer:

                                                               i.      Pioneers (Brad)

                                                             ii.      A-Team (Brad)

                                                            iii.      Blazers (Doug)

                                                           iv.      Rice Rockets (Doug)

                                                             v.      Cowboy II (Doug)

                                                           vi.      Chiefs (Ken)

                                                          vii.      Lamplighters (Lawrence)

                                                        viii.      A Burnaby team (Brad)


C.      Continue as a 4 team league, lending back an ice time to the Arena to be returned next season.


* Everyone is well aware that this may be a last chance for the RIHL to survive. Continuing next season as a 4 team league is not a likely option.  Therefore, it is agreed that to subsidize ice time in order to attract potential new teams is not a great risk.  However, it will leave us close to broke at the end of the season, so if league fee are to stay the same, teams must be prepared to pay more next season.



Option B schedule scenarios:

A.      6 teams (ideal):

·         Each team will play all RIHL teams once for a total of 4 games each (24 games)


B.      4 teams:

·         Each team will play all RIHL teams once for a total of 4 games each (16 games)

·         9 ice times will have to be sublet


C.      8 teams:

·         Each team will play all RIHL teams once for a total of 4 games each (32 games)

·         This will cause a 32 game schedule.


D.      2 teams:

·         Each team will play all RIHL teams twice for a total of 8 games each (16 games)

·         9 times will have to be sublet


E.       An odd number of teams will work accordingly, with varies ice times remaining for sublet.


With the possibility of a shortened schedule, it may be necessary to have a later start, take a longer break at Christmas and March, or a combination thereof.