Meeting of the League Executive

January 19, 2015 – 7:30pm at Stanley’s



In attendance:

Cory May – Cowboys
Emeet Duhra – Maroons
Ken Mattice – Raiders
Travis Taylor – Rockets
Brad Taylor – The Plugs
Don Taylor (RIHL Vice President) – Blackhawks
Doug Collins (RIHL  President)


1.       Final Rosters for 2014-15

a.       All teams are aware of the roster deadline of January 31st (or 7 games remaining – 1st week of February).  No new players may be added after the deadline

b.      Maximum 25 skaters

c.       On-line registration is working well for the most part with only one team having difficulty entering players


2.       Final League Payments

a.       All teams not fully paid will be suspended after January 31st

b.      Indication is that all teams have paid in full, however certain direct deposits still need to be verified.


3.       Financial Report

a.       Financial projections are good, with a profit forecasted.


4.       Playoff format:

a.       We have agreed that all 6 teams make the playoffs

b.      Of two scenarios proposed, the option of an Elimination Round Robin was approved as follows:

Round Robin for bottom 3 teams

·         Win in regulation or 10 min. OT will be awarded 3 points

·         Shootout win will be awarded 2 points

·         Shoot out loss will be awarded 1 point


Tie Breaker

1) Head to Head

2) Regular season standings


·         10 minute OT and a shoot out will decide games

Deciding Final Games

·         Overtime limited only by available ice time, then shoot-out


c.       To better accommodate this extended Play-off schedule we will move regulation game of March 31st to an earlier date. (March 12th suggested)


5.       Referees:

a.       At least one official has quit the RIHL, no longer willing to put up with the verbal abuse. There is a question of whether or not competency spawned the abuse.

b.      Other referees abilities have come into question that recommends certain officials should be avoided for solo games (if at all possible).   

c.       Saturday night games have posed a number of difficulties.

                                                               i.       It is difficult to find officials willing to do these single games on a night where it might interrupt the potential for multiple games.

                                                             ii.      Although we made a special effort to obtain the weekend ice time in order to attract new teams, most teams seem to be having problems getting players for these games.  The new teams were given additional Saturday (at their preference) but they are finding it too much.

We will revisit the Ice allocations for next season. In the meantime a proposal will be presented to the officials that would see an increase in pay to $50 for Saturdays, with a cap of $75 for solo games.


6.       Awards Night:

a.       Experience proves that best attendance for Awards night is prior to the completion of Play-offs, before teams are eliminated.

                                                               i.      Proposed date for Awards Night is Saturday, Apr 4th following the scheduled game.  (We will try for an earlier game time that night.)


7.       Rockets Application for player eligibility:

a.       The Rockets entered the RIHL under strict conditions, including the restriction of one player.  They have performed well so far, will few penalties and generally good behaviour.  In light of this they wish to have the player restriction removed.


The sentiment of the teams is that the Rockets are a good addition to the league and we expect them to be around for several years to come now.  However, the removal of any restrictions approved at the beginning of the season much stand at least until the end of this season.  The RIHL invites the Rockets to present their case again prior to the start of next season.


8.       Game defaults:

a.       A discussion about whether or not a team should be fined for a game forfeited, but no consensus was established.  However the following guidelines are in place:

                                                               i.      A team may request a game change (without guarantee of acceptance) no later than 1 week before game day.

                                                             ii.      Only the President may rule a game forfeited.  (Teams may not mutually decide not to play and expect to be awarded a tie.)

                                                            iii.      In the event of a forfeit, the winning team is award a game played for every player on their current roster.


9.       Next season:

a.       All teams expressed satisfaction with the league and the play and all are expected to return next season.

b.      We will attempt to expand to 8 teams next season.


10.   Adjourned at 9:00pm