RIHL Feb 22 2016


In Attendance:

Ryan Dyck – Blackhawks

Derek May – Cowboys

Cory Stewart – Pioneers

Mike Sznadel – Plugs

Ken Mattice – Raiders

Justin Taylor - Rockets

Don Taylor – Vice President

Doug Collins - President



1.       Final League Payments

a.       There are still some teams owing league fees. Those teams have promised that payment is on its way.

2.       Financial Report

a.       Financial projections are good (assuming all outstanding fees are paid). Depending on the number of Play-off games necessary, with should end with a small profit.

3.       Rosters

a.       Final Rosters for 2015-16

                                                               i.      Roster deadline: January 31st (or 7 games remaining – now for most teams)

                                                             ii.      On-line registration Available

                                                            iii.      Players must play a minimum of 7 games to be eligible for the Playoffs. (Players must be registered to receive credit for games played.)

ISSUE: The question of limiting roster size was raised.  While some were concerned that teams were in violation of this rule, other questioned the rationale of even having a roster limit, particularly with a 7 game Play-off eligibility in place.

DECISION: With the primary objective of ensuring that teams are able to dress enough players for any given regular season game, it was agreed that the current roster limit or 30 players is sufficient.  However, it was decided that the roster deadline is unnecessary and therefore that restriction should be removed from our rules.


4.       Player Eligibility

ISSUE: Some teams are finding it difficult to attract enough players of sufficient calibre to compete in the RIHL and to alleviate the situation are seeking further underage exemptions.  A request has been made to lift the earlier imposed moratorium.



·         It was agreed to lift the moratorium and continue to with the existing policy of accepting applications for Underage Exemptions on a case by case basis.  While each case will be considered individually and objectively, there is an understanding that teams near the bottom of the league would be more likely to have applications accepted.

·         It is noted that any accepted application may have special clauses attached, such as temporary exemptions.

·         Any team dressing ineligible players without approval will forfeit the game.

·         As a matter of courtesy, any team being forced to play an ineligible player in order to allow the game to take place, is obligated to first notify the League President and the other team.




5.       Game defaults:

ISSUE: An unprecedented and unacceptable number of game defaults have occurred this season.  This is costly to the league and to the teams willing and available to play.


DECISION: It is agreed that game defaults should be avoided at all costs.  It is also felt that teams winning forfeits due to teams not showing up should be compensated for the ice time lost.


MOTION: “If a team is unable to provide enough players in order to play a legitimate* game (as determined by the League President), that team will forfeit the game and be fined $200.  That amount is payable to the winning team.” (A performance bond will be established to ensure collection and payment of such fines)


The motion is carried with all present in favour.

NOTE: * The term “legitimate” is open to interpretation and subjective.  In some cases a team may choose to dress ineligible players in order to play the game.  While this will result in a forfeit, it may still be considered legitimate in that the game was able to be played.  In such cases it is likely that a fine would not be imposed.


6.       Playoff format:

a.       See attached Draft Schedule

Round Robin for bottom 3 teams

·         Win in regulation or 10 min. OT will be awarded 3 points

·         Shootout win will be awarded 2 points

·         Shoot out loss will be awarded 1 point


Tie Breaker

1) Head to Head

2) Regular season standings


·         10 minute OT and a shoot out will decide games

Deciding Final Games

·         Overtime limited only by available ice time, then shoot-out



7.       Awards Night:

a.       Don Taylor has agreed to help organize and host this event (should it take place).


ISSUE: Very often only teams remaining in the playoff tend to show up for this event, which is frustrating to the organizers and demeaning to the league.  There are mixed feelings as to whether we should have an official Awards Night or not.


DECISION: Selecting the appropriate night for the event seems to be key.  The possibility of choosing an evening where two games can be scheduled simultaneously would guarantee at least 4 teams would attend.  Inquiries will be made to obtain such ice time.  Failing that, we will consider discontinuing Awards Night.



8.       The Rob Williams question:

ISSUE: Having sat out two seasons as a condition of the Rockets entering the RIHL, are we willing to offer Rob Williams a trial entry into the RIHL for next season?


DECISION: The general opinion is that Mr. Williams must certainly have got the message that his past conduct, as witnessed in other leagues, is not acceptable in the RIHL. It is expected that, given the opportunity to rejoin his team and enter the RIHL, he would be extremely obligated to behave it a manner that would not draw attention to himself.  Any action unbecoming to a player in the RIHL would result in him sealing his own fate.


MOTION: “Rob William will be allowed to enter the RIHL in the 2016-2107 season on a ‘one strike and you're out’ condition. Mr. Williams will be automatically banned from the league if any serious offenses take place, such as: 

- Fighting major

- Major penalty of any kind (other than the 4 minute double minor for high sticking)

- 10 minute misconduct

- Game misconduct

- Abuse of an official

- Game ejection


Motion carried with all present favour.


9.       Next season:

a.       All teams expressed a willingness to return to the RIHL next season, with a slight hesitation from the Pioneers.

b.      It remains our goal to expand to 8 teams, with ice time not expected to be a major hindrance.  Finding qualified team remains the main obstacle.  Word will continue to go out in search of new teams.

c.       Saturday night games are a problem this year, particularly the later time slots.  If we are to continue with the Saturday ice, we must maintain only early time slots.  It is noted that failing to continue with a Saturday ice time may result in a loss of teams or failure to attract new ones.


10.   Referees:

a.       While quality of officiating has generally been improved or at least satisfactory, attracting a sufficient number of reliable officials remains a challenge.

b.      The addition task of coordinating officials has become a burden to the League President.  While returning to the hiring of a coordinator may be a solution, we will first try  to address it with a delegation of duties (see next agenda item 11)

c.       The President has suggested that the RIHL initiate a Referee Accreditation program, where official must first qualify to work in the RIHL on a regular basis, and then may be rewarded when they achieve and maintain Accreditation.  It is felt that such a system, while somewhat restrictive in nature, may actually work to attract officials by way of status. (Details of the program have yet to be established, but are hoped to be in place for next season.)


11.   Passing the torch:

a.       Last season, Doug Collins announced his imminent retirement from the RIHL as League President.  However, with no one expressing interest in stepping into the position, he was persuaded to stay on for another year with the suggested intention of delegating his duties.

The process of delegation failed to occur, until recently when a serious eye injury forced Doug to seek assistance in managing the league.  It was a bit of a wake up call.

An organizational chart, outlining various required positions and job descriptions has been drawn up and distributed to the Executive for consideration.  It is understood that this draft document is subject to review and change, with the likelihood of some of the positions overlapping, at least at the start.  The spirit of this initiative is to delegate the duties necessary to run the league, sharing responsibilities in a manner that does not rely so heavily on one person.  This will ensure the long term viability of the RIHL and improve the league by inviting fresh perspectives and additional energy.

This document will be reviewed over the coming months and is expected to be implemented in the 2016-2017 season.


12.   With no other business, Doug Collins took a moment to express thanks to everyone for their patience, understanding and cooperation during the long recovery from his eye injury. Only with this help was the RIHL able to continue without interruption.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm