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Addendum to Pre-season Meeting
October 16, 2021

Because a lot of uncertainty remained at the time of the 2021-22 Pre-season League Meeting, League Fees for this season were not determined.

With the schedule now set with 4 teams committed, a more accurate budget has been established.

If League Fees are set at $8500 (comparable to other seasons) there is risk losing a bit of money. However, there is a very good chance that expenses will not be as high as estimated (ie. Playoffs not going the full 9 game max) and we do not require any contingency, then we will likely be near a break even point.

A motion by email was issued to set RIHL 2021-22 League Fees at $8500.

Teams voted unanimously in favour.

In accordance to RIHL Rule 3(c) (https://www.rihl.ca/rulebook/Rules2017.htm) 1st payment of 50% is now due. A minimum of $4500 (including deposit) is required by October 31, 2021, with the remainder due November 30th.